Most popular icon for “Feedback” on The Noun Project

19 Apr 2014
noun project icon feedback

The Noun Project has morphed from a great concept into a working business model for sharing and selling icons. It is by far the most inspiring resource for iconography and I never imagined that the first icon I shared on The Noun Project would be the most popular for the search term, “Feedback”. As for the concept, I wanted to create a friendly but proportional chat bubble with rounded corners for every part of the icon. When I originally uploaded the icon, there was no pay-model for designers like it has now. We basically shared icons for free, hoping that it would make the world a better place. Now I get paid for something I had no idea would make any money. It’s sort of like finding that toasty 20 dollar bill you never knew you had after drying your laundry on a Saturday morning. Cha-ching! Score! (Place any other slang term for money here)!