The Designer

NerdyHippo is the blog and work of designer, David Ly. I specialize in perfecting pixels and creating wonderful experiences. This is where I write about design and showcase my work.

The blog is a journal of my thoughts on design, but also an eventful timeline of my life. The work is a biased selection of my favorite projects and ideas.

We beam our signals from Brooklyn, New York, more specifically the neighborhood of all stroller jokes, Park Slope.

The Man Behind The Glasses

I spent my childhood on the beautiful peninsula of San Francisco, then at seventeen, migrated five hundred miles south to Los Angeles. After four years of study, I earned a fine arts degree from the University of California, Irvine, studying contemporary artists such as Pollak and Basquiat and gaining inspiration from movements such as Minimalism and Abstract Expressionism.

Wanting to refine my creativity, I enrolled as a graduate student at Art Center College of Design. While there, I discovered a passion for interactive design, squeezed in a few film classes and even directed an award-winning music video from Fort Minor.

After school, I wanted to focus on design and took a design internship at 2tor, a start-up that helps universities design and implement online degree programs. While there, I worked on building wonderful experiences, solving design challenges, and crafting beautiful pixels. Recently, I accepted an Art Director position in New York and traded the smog for a smelly subway ride.

Beyond pushing pixels, I listen to tech podcasts, eat al pastor taco's, and occasionally bust a spin move on a fast break.

If you feel the urge, please write me directly at