For Sale: Golden State T-Shirt and Hoodie

16 Nov 2015
Golden State T-Shirt

NerdyHippo’s first shirt and hoodie design is here!

Represent the Bay Area with this modern shirt and hoodie! Sport this one-of-a-kind illustration that features iconic landmarks in both San Francisco and Oakland including: Transamerica Pyramid, Bay Bridge, and the Port of Oakland Cranes and more. This shirt does not discriminate and comes in a rainbow of colors.

Be one of the first 200 orders and receive a free NerdyHippo gift for being an early adopter. Order now to get free shipping.

Chromecast Flow for JW Player

22 Apr 2014

I animated a split-screen interaction flow between the web player and TV experience for the Chromecast feature on JW Player.

Most popular icon for “Feedback” on The Noun Project

19 Apr 2014
noun project icon feedback

The Noun Project has morphed from a great concept into a working business model for sharing and selling icons. It is by far the most inspiring resource for iconography and I never imagined that the first icon I shared on The Noun Project would be the most popular for the search term, “Feedback”. As for the concept, I wanted to create a friendly but proportional chat bubble with rounded corners for every part of the icon. When I originally uploaded the icon, there was no pay-model for designers like it has now. We basically shared icons for free, hoping that it would make the world a better place. Now I get paid for something I had no idea would make any money. It’s sort of like finding that toasty 20 dollar bill you never knew you had after drying your laundry on a Saturday morning. Cha-ching! Score! (Place any other slang term for money here)!

Video Player Skins

11 Feb 2014

I redesigned video player skins for JW Player. The left column contains floating skins and the right contains sticky skins.

More icons!

05 Feb 2014
embed icon, calendar icon, customize icon

Embed, calendar, customize, or any other metaphor that can be assigned.

NerdyHippo featured on

18 Sep 2013
Design Mag

Jake Rocheleau writes:

Designing content along with minimalism is quite possibly the most heavily used portfolio layout scheme. I have witnessed dozens of various portfolio layouts which all focus around a minimalist design. The goal is to generally present the least amount of information that is needed for your visitors. Make the design clean, the navigation easy to find, and the page text easy to consume.

To design a website around minimalism is also to cut back on unnecessary content. Generally you do not need an extra Twitter feed widget or other related distractions. The beauty of minimalism is within the lack of distractions. Visitors can focus on your work and your credentials which is what really matters. There are so many more examples of minimalism which I have not included in this post.